If you are getting ready to file for a divorce, it is only natural to feel a little bit nervous and uncertain about what to expect. After all, going through a divorce is something that most people don’t do every day. You may have questions about how the process works and about what exactly it is that your divorce lawyer will do. By learning more about the role that your lawyer will play in the process, you can get a better understanding of what to expect, helping to take some of the fear out of the equation. Here are some of the things that your lawyer can help you with:

1. Dealing with child custody or child support issues. For couples with children, one of the hardest parts of getting divorced is determining who will have custody of the children and how visitation rights will work. It can be hard to find a balance that is not only good for the children but also fair to both spouses. A divorce lawyer can help you set up a child custody arrangement that works well for your family. They can also help you address child support issues to make sure that both spouses are contributing equally to the cost of child rearing.

2. Dividing up real and personal property. When you are married, much of the property that you own is owned jointly with your spouse. This includes large items such as your house and car as well as smaller items such as your furniture. During a divorce, all of this property needs to be divided in a way that is fair to both parties. Your lawyer can help ensure that you are treated fairly and that you get the property or money that you are owed.

3. Spousal support. Oftentimes, when couples live together, one spouse is the primary breadwinner while the other one works part-time or stays home to take care of the family. After a divorce, a judge may order the wage-earning partner to make spousal support payments. Also known as alimony payments, these payments are designed to allow the nonworking spouse to maintain their current lifestyle for a specific period of time. This gives them a chance to enter the workforce and start earning enough money to pay their own way without having to go broke in the meantime.

4. Filing paperwork with the court. Another thing that your lawyer will do is file all of the necessary paperwork with the court. There are certain papers that need to be submitted and deadlines that need to be met during the divorce process. Your lawyer can take care of all of this paperwork for you, helping to ensure that your divorce goes smoothly and that there are no glitches along the way.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what divorce lawyers do. They are there to handle all of the legal issues that are involved in getting a divorce. With their professional guidance and support, you should be able to get through the divorce process with ease, allowing you to move on to the next phase of your life. If you need more divorce help: http://www.ondafamilylaw.com/.