Central AC Unit — When Should You Replace?

Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Central air conditioning may well be the greatest invention of the modern age. Certainly, home insulation has been important. And so has the various computational technology. Central air has allowed people to live comfortably in areas where it was difficult to live.

Unfortunately, just like all technology, central air conditioning units can break down and wear out. When that happens, things can get quite problematic. In many climates, it doesn’t take long for a person to die of heat stroke. Even when the heat isn’t quite that extreme, it can still be incredibly uncomfortable to live for any length of time without central air.

This means that it’s vitally important to keep an eye on your unit. Not just to make sure it doesn’t break down, but also to see when it needs to be replaced. But if you don’t have HVAC training, then it may be difficult for you to know whether or not your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. Luckily, there are a few obvious signs.

The most obvious sign is that your air conditioning unit breaks down more often. Every technological device is going to break down from time to time. There’s simply no avoiding that. However, if you find yourself having to call a repair person several times during the hot season, then you should begin seriously considering getting the unit replaced. It’s almost certain that the cost of a new unit will be much lower than the cost of repeated repair work.

To that end, you should also consider replacing your unit if the cost of a single repair is especially high. Some repairs are going to cost more than others, of course. Just because a repair costs quite a bit doesn’t mean it’s immediately time to replace the unit. However, if the single repair is especially costly due to the age of the parts needed for the repair, or because multiple parts broke down at the same time? Then it may be time to consider replacing the entire unit. Also, if you live near Dallas or Fort Worth, we recommend you consider contacting Air Conditioning Champions in Mansfield Texas.

Speaking of age, you should consider replacing your central air conditioning unit every ten to fifteen years. If your unit is working just fine at the fifteen-year mark, then there’s no reason to replace it immediately. However, it’s usually by that age that units begin breaking down completely. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a sudden breakdown and need to get a new unit during an emergency situation.

If you notice that your central air conditioning unit isn’t putting out enough cold air, or isn’t blowing very strongly, then that can also be a sign that the unit needs replacing. While it may simply be a matter of repair, that sort of trouble is a repair that will require major overhauls. As discussed, if the repair is large enough that the cost is nearly as much as a new unit, then you may as well get a new unit.

Lastly, unless your central air conditioning unit is only a few years old, you may consider replacing it if you’re doing any major home renovations. Major home renovations involve taking apart bits of the walls and ceilings, which expose the duct work. Since the duct work is already going to be exposed, you may as well budget a new air conditioning unit into the renovation budget.

Central air conditioning is an amazing technological wonder; there’s no question about that. However, if you don’t keep an eye on your central air conditioning unit, you may find yourself needing to buy a new one without any time to do any research. So don’t let yourself get into that situation.

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