Market Your Business with Electronic Signs

Electronic signs displaying your business information can be very attractive to eyeballs.  Our brains are tuned to movement and shiny objects.  Electronic signs get both at the same time!  It is a huge marketing amplifier!

We highly recommend you consider buying an electronic sign for your company if you are trying to grab eyeballs outside in your neighborhood.

Examples of Outdoor Electronic Signs:

Electronic Business Sign example 2 Electronic Business Sign example 1


National Electronic Sign Company

Dallas Electronic Sign Company

Houston Electronic Sign Company

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization can seem like a very hard task. However, if you take small steps, you can achieve your SEO goals. It is all about making your site meets the demands of search engines and trying to get links to point to your site.

Keyword research basics

Every successful SEO starts with keyword research. You have to know the keywords that are going to get the right traffic to your site. What you want is visitors that convert into customers, sign up for your newsletter or any other goal you have set.

The best place to start when doing your keyword research is Google keyword tool found in your AdWords Account. This will show you the number of visitors per month. Even though these numbers are not a 100% accurate, it will give you a rough idea of the most searched keywords.

If want accurate results, it is a good idea to run an Adwords campaign for a week with a very high budget. After getting all the data you need, it is now up to you to try and look for the most appropriate suggestions you can use for your topics.

The best keyword is a keyword having a high demand. The keyword should be related to your website content. It should also have low competition and should have a call to action.

General On-site SEO

General On-site SEO is part of the basics you need to pay close attention to before you do the actual work. To compete with less competitive keywords, you have to make sure that your search engine spiders can crawl the site and that you use your internal links properly.

You have to avoid using codes and software that search engines have trouble indexing. This refers to all types of frameworks and CMS that do not create unique URL’s for sub-pages on your website including Flash, JavaScript based sites, frames and certain types of Ajax implementations.

The elements listed above cannot be indexed properly by Google and other search engines. The next part is external links. You should have clear and short paths to all the pages on your site. Link to the most important pages which have links from the front page.

Link building basics

Your main goal is to make sure that you get links from strong, relevant sites with the right anchor text. You have to understand that the strong, relevant sites have links from other strong, relevant sites also.

Some of the factors you need to look for include:
-A linking site which is an actual brand
-A site that is sufficiently old
-One that keeps outbound links to the minimum
-A site that is ranking well for the keywords
-A website that is upgraded regularly

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